We will miss you, Mark Oleesky

Written by MarcnMarsha on January 13, 2011 – 12:46 pm -

Mark Oleesky was Marc Cohen’s co-host on KABC-A/LOS ANGELES computer and technology show for over 10 years. Mark died of cardiac arrest after collapsing at a ceremony at his son’s high school, reports the LOS ANGELES TIMES. OLEESKY, 60, was taking photos at the event at EL CAMINO REAL HIGH SCHOOL in WOODLAND HILLS, CA when he collapsed. His son BRIAN plays on the school’s baseball team.

We thought you might enjoy hearing a funny liner we recorded from a show where we interviewed character actor, Stephen Tobolowsky. Just click their names below:

Mark Oleesky & Stephen Tobolowsky

We’re going to miss Mark for his friendship and humor.

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