How to Disable Facebook Places From Letting Others Tag Your Location Without Your Consent

Written by MarcnMarsha on August 19, 2010 – 1:24 pm -

“Facebook Places” is a new Facebook feature with Foursquare check-in-like functionality, but by default it lets other people tag you as being at a location without requiring your consent. This could lead to friends tagging you as being just about anywhere and may cause you insurmountable problems (with spouse, employer, children,, etc).

1. Go to privacy settings
2. Go to “customize”
3. Scroll to “things others share”
4. Disable “friends can check me into places.”


Thanks to Marjorie Clayman who pointed out that there are actually 3 places to check. “Who can see places where I check in.” “Who can check me in when they see me.” “Disable places.” Here’s how you do that:

Scroll way down the page to go down to the section called “Things Others Share” and find “Friends can check me in to Places.” Set this to “Disabled” if you don’t want your friends checking you in. Keep in mind that any friend could potentially check you in anywhere. You don’t actually have to be there.

Next, know that your location can be shared with friends’ APPLICATIONS as well. To turn that off, you have to go to a completely different section. Click the “Applications and Websites” link at the very bottom of the main Privacy page.

Now go to the o to the “Info accessible through your friends” section. Click “Edit Settings” – anything checked is in public view to any Facebook applications that  your friends are using. Uncheck like crazy unless you really want your friends apps to know where you are!

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